All Wisdom Is Within You, You Just Need To Find It!

All Wisdom Is Within You

Nowadays, most people in the world, especially young people, have become allergic to the name of spirituality. The reason is that spirituality is being presented in a very rigid manner. Nowadays, people take spirituality as torture for them or to spend their lives in a dysfunctional life. People compare the light of spirituality with hungry people sitting on the side of the road with begging.

Most importantly, the light of spirituality is considered to be life-threatening or a fugitive from life. Generally, people believe that spiritual people are forbidden to enjoy life lessons and suffer from all kinds of sufferings. While the truth is that being religious does not have anything to do with your eternal life.

The Light Of Spirituality: The True Inner Strength

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion, sect, philosophy, or opinion. How are you from within, spirituality is about it.

You are a spiritual means to experience what is beyond materialism. If you look at the same ultimate power in all the creatures of creation, which is in you, then you are spiritual. The most important aspect of spirituality is to know yourself. If you realize that no one is responsible for your sadness, your anger, your sufferings, but you are the creator of it yourself, and then you are on the spiritual path.

All Wisdom Is Within You
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Whatever work you do, if there you have no interest in it, then you are not able to enlighten spirituality. If you have eroded your ego, anger, anger, greed, jealousy, and prejudices, then you are spiritual. Regardless of the external circumstances, even if you are always happy and joyful inside you, then you are spiritual. If you keep yourself feeling insignificant and insignificant in front of the vastness of this universe, then you are spiritual. For whatever you have now if you feel gratitude towards creation or any supreme powers then you are heading towards spirituality.

If you love not only for your people but for all people, then you are spiritual. If you are in the midst of compassion for all the creatures of the universe, then you are spiritual.

Being spiritual means that you know on the surface of your experience that I am the source of my happiness. Spirituality is not something that you do in a temple, mosque, or church. It can only happen inside you. The spiritual process is not about looking up or down.

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Explore Yourself and Enlighten The Spirituality

It’s about exploring inside yourself and to know yourself. Talking about spirituality or pretending to show it is of no avail. This is for the conversion of itself. The spiritual process is not for people dead or dying. This is for those who want to live every dimension of life lessons with full vibrancy.

The process of spirituality is like a journey – continuous change. We learn to love and enjoy everything from the path, but do not raise it. Spiritualism usually is for the salvation of man, to blossom in its peak ability. It is not for any identity or concept to make its identity.

All Wisdom Is Within You
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Spirituality means that it is swift to process your development. If you do not let yourself be affected by external circumstances, then you are naturally spiritual. Walking on the spiritual path means that you are increasing the freedom of liberation, whether old tendencies of you, your body and your jeans. Existence is unity and uniformity, and every person is unique in itself. Recognizing and enjoying it is the essence of spirituality.

Both a spiritual person and a human being are seeking the same eternal infinite. One is searching for him consciously while the other is unknowing. If you erase your personality then your presence becomes very strong – this is the essence of spiritual meditation. When you are always aware of your mortality, then you are never disturbed in your spiritual quest.


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