Navratri’s Importance: Nine Days Of Navratri, Nine Colors Of Goddess Durga

Chaitra Navratri 2019: Is going to begin from 6-April-19 till 14-April-19 this year. According to the Hindu calendar, it is the beginning of the year. These nine days are dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine forms of “Shakti.” These 9 holy days are the holiest days of Hindu calendar. Each day of Navratri has its importance, and on the 9th day there is also a celebration of “Ram Navami.” Ram Navami is celebrated as a birthday of Hindu Lord Shree Ram. Ram Navami is also celebrated on a huge scale throughout India.

Importance of Navratri
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When is Chaitra Navratri 2019? : 6-April-19 till 14-April-19

Importance of Navratri: Why is Navratri Celebrate?

In Hinduism, all religion has its importance and spiritual reasons. People usually wonder about why we celebrate Navratri and what is the importance of Navratri? Before we go through the Navratri’s importance, let’s understand the meaning of Navratri first. As the name indicates about the festival “Nav – means nine and Ratri – means Night, a festival which is dedicated to 9 nights for 9 different forms of goddess Durga is called or known as Navratri.

What Are The Best Options To Eat During Navratri fasting?

How many is Navratri being celebrated each year?

Usually most of the people think that Navratri is celebrated twice a year, but actually, it is celebrated four times a year. Surprised? Yes! it is true, most known Navratris are called one which is known as “Chaitra Navratri” during March-April and second which is celebrated during September-October and known as ” Sharad Navratri.” There are two more Navratri is celebrated as “Gupt-Navratri” which means “Secret Navratri.” Just like this two common navratri, these two are also celebrated, but it is usually common for “Tantra Vidya.” During Gupt Navratri devotee perform a ritual for Goddess Kali and nine divine forms of Durga. So when Gupt Navratri is celebrated? it is celebrated during Aashad (June/July) & Magh month (Early Feb).

Maa Kali: Importance of Navratri

Why Navratri is celebrated twice in a year?

Navratri celebration has spiritual and climate is changing reason too. During both the Navratri mother nature pass through significant climate change. During Chaitra Navratri weather changes from winters to summers whereas during Sharad, Navratri weather gets into winters. During these nine days, Hindu celebrated in the form of pooja, where they keep fasting and adjust body metabolism according to the weather. According to Hindu mythology, it is said that Shri Ram first initiated Navratri celebration before the attack on Lanka, and on the tenth day he killed Evil Ravana. During these nine days of pooja, devotee invokes goddess Durga who is a source of supreme energy of the universe.

NavDurga: Importance of Navratri
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Navratri Meaning and Significance of Each Navratri day

Importance of Nine days of Navratri

Each day of Navratri is dedicated to all nine forms of goddess Durga and has its importance.

  • Day 1: Mata Shailputri – Is daughter of Himalaya and known as Parvati.
  • Day 2: Maa Brahmacharini – Goddess of Brahmacharya
  • Day 3: Mata Chandraghanta – She is the one who establishes justice
  • Day 4: Maa Kushmanda – She is as glowy as the sun.
  • Day 5: Mata Skanda Mata – She is the mother of Kartikeya.
  • Day 6: Maa Katyayani – She took birth to kill demon Mahisasura and also known as Mahisasurmardani.
  • Day 7: Mata Kalratri – Goddess Kalratri is the most aggressive form of Devi Parvati. She Killed demons Shumbha & Nishumbha.
  • Day 8: Maa Maha Gauri – She is so fair; thus she is called as MAHAGAURI.
  • Day 9: Mata Siddhidatri – Goddess Siddhidatri is one of the forms of mother nature, as Hindu believe that she arrived in the form of Siddhidatri.
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