Life And Time Both Are Precious, Try To Live In The Moment

Live In The Moment

Do you want to stop thinking about the future and the past, and just wanted to live in the moment? People, who live in the present feel happy, safe, better understand people and get high self-esteem. We all know that life and time both are precious, but for the people who live in the moment, life offers countless opportunities.

Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Stop Thinking Start Doing (Image Courtesy: Move Nourish Believe)
Stop Thinking Start Doing (Image Courtesy: Move Nourish Believe)

Realize that you are already there, where are you wish to? You are not currently in the events of tomorrow, and you are not in the circumstances of tomorrow. You are now, what is happening as you read it. Let yourself relax by knowing that it is impossible for you to be somewhere else. It’s never too late to stay in the present what you have to do is feel that you are already there. The challenge is to direct your thinking about what is happening so that you become more “aware.”

Be Natural: When your internal senses make a comment about your behavior, and then you are creating a difference between your brain and your body, which is more challenging to live in the present. For example, you are saying that you are in the middle of a conversation with a friend and you laugh at something weird said, and then immediately criticize for laughing. Now your thoughts are governing your experience, and you are currently living with your friend: You are worried about the impression you are leaving. You are no longer present next time something like this; it immediately destroys negative thoughts.

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 Power Of Subconscious Mind

Power of subconscious mind (Image Courtesy: Wade Alters)
Power of subconscious mind (Image Courtesy: Wade Alters)

Many times people get discouraged and say, ‘Oh, I do not enjoy anything. ‘To enjoy anything, you have to ignore all the thoughts in your mind. Our interest is reduced because the brain is entangled in the past.

Whether there are good or adverse events, be your friends or enemies, they all engage your mind and make it so cumbersome. They have done so much abode in your mind; it seems as if you have rented them part of your mind. The past keeps the abode in your mind, but you do not get anything in return. In this deal, the loss is merely a loss.

So you have to stand in a little while and say, ‘this is my abode, and throw out the past otherwise the past events will dominate your present and will convince you that your own time is not yours. Therefore, letting your mind ruin the past, do not allow you to become unhappy by being chaotic.

When you leave all things to happen as a dream, then with an open mind you can understand the truth of the present moment.

When this awareness comes in our life, whether it is right for a few moments every day – whatever happened in the past, good or bad, was just a dream, then you have the power to face anything in life goes. Then you will feel the consciousness of that energy and the expansion in your knowledge, which was previously hidden by these incidents.

The past incidents are not there anymore. We cannot change what we have already said or done. But, at present, we can choose our thoughts, words, and actions. Then what is the opinion of, when we have the power to bring change?

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