Missed Valentine’s Day? Here are some other occasions to propose your love!

Have you missed Valentine’s Day? Don’t be sad. There are many other occasions to propose your love. Everyone is very keen about choosing a partner for life especially girls; they want everything to be dream perfect. Whether it is dating or proposing, they always need special attention if your girl is like this make her feel special no matters if you missed Valentine’s Day.

For the rest of your lives, the story of how you proposed will be told to friends, family members, and even strangers. Many think that Valentine’s Day is the best occasion to propose, but if you missed it, there are many others. Here are the best occasions to help you make it perfect!

  1. Her Birthday

Prepare a surprise party and gather all your friends and family. Make it seem like a normal birthday party at first, then get a cake with the words “will you be my girlfriend or marry me?” written on it. She will forever remember her special day!

  1. Favorite Place For Both
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Choose a place that reflects a personal significance to you both, like a hotel rooftop or a classic restaurant. Ask someone to take a photo of you together, and when the flash goes off, get down on one knee and ask her to be your partner for life!

  1. On The Beach
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Put the ring inside a bottle and bury it in the sand. Afterward, ask her to help you find something that you lost and direct her to the (marked) spot where you kept your bottle. When she finds it, propose your partner for life!

  1. New Year’s Eve

Just before midnight, choose a romantic spot and get down on one knee. Plenty of champagne and sweet words would make the occasion even more romantic. She will love the idea that you want to start the New Year as her fiancé!

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  1. Halloween

Proposing on Halloween is a creative option most people would not consider. Let friends and family cover their jack-o’-lanterns with the words “I love you or will you marry me?” while you are wearing the costume of her favorite fictional character.

  1. Winter days

Many girls love winter, so this is a guaranteed hit. On a rainy day, create a treasure hunt around the neighborhood that ends with you holding the ring -she won’t believe her eyes!

Proposals shouldn’t be underestimated; it says a lot about how far are you willing to go to be with her! But Make sure you are not proposing in public- if she says “no” you would be humiliated in public.

To create the best moments keep following things in mind-

Make certain she is not angry or frustrated about anything; postpone your plan if she appears somewhat uncomfortable.

During morning her mind would be fresh and not preoccupied with a thousand things. (Don’t propose her than otherwise, she would get an empty mind to think about a thousand drawbacks in you.)

The aloof place is also preferable so that no one would interrupt you in between.

The most important thing is that you must be 100% confident, firm and sure about her at that moment so that you speak with determination.

Propose your love if you talked about the upcoming time and are both of you is excited with the vision of growing old together.

Propose your love if any concerns you have about your relationship, any discrepancies between you two are something you both will be able to either deal with and live within the long run.

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