Surrogacy : Proved Blessings For Many And Game For Rich


Many people are giving excellent arguments to the foreigners and the rich people of India who have been paid in exchange for their womb for the end of poverty till the end of debt. But, a great question is being waived all these. Here all the anxiety is being made to wish to have someone’s child, but no one is raising the issue that after the child whose parents have lost their head … what should they do? What can a parent do?

It is incredible that we are talking about being civilized beforehand. But in this civilization, which has not come on earth, there is a debate on the law, but for those who are already on earth and ill-fated and orphans, our civil society seems to be very sensitive.

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Surrogate Pregnancy becoming the Game of Rich

Taking advantage of the compulsion of poor women, the possibility of holding a surrogacy (rental womb) business in exchange for money has now increased. Due to the natural-technical deficiency in some women’s uterus, the entire development of the embryo does not occur. The woman gets an abortion before the fetus gets mature. In such a situation, such women are deprived of maternity benefits. But now with the help of IVF technology, it is possible for such women to be given the pleasure of motherhood.

Truth Behind Surrogate Pregnancy
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In fact, in such a situation, after fertilization of the egg in the woman’s uterus, she is transplanted from the womb of a woman on a certain period and transplanted into another pregnant womb in the womb where it develops thoroughly. When the time is over, a healthy baby is born. It involves a husband and wife and a third lady. This is called surrogacy in general language. The woman who embraces another embryo in her uterus is known as the surrogate mother.

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India: Best Market Place For Surrogacy

Rich people can convince poor women for surrogacy. Due to this, India has been the best market for the womb for foreign couples who have not been able to produce their child for any reason. Commercial surrogacy is already restricted in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Mexico, Thailand, and Nepal, so people of these countries are directly moving towards India.

Indeed, for the pregnancy, in which the fetus is kept for mature, some financial payments are made by the childless couple for the catering.

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The bill’s overall purpose is to prevent the turnover of hawk’s business. In this, non-resident Indians have been allowed to enjoy the benefit of the children by taking the help of a rented womb. The bill explicitly states that the couples who have to pay the rent will have to submit the certificate of fertility within 90 days. But this transaction has now turned into an illegal business. Some women have made it a business.

Truth Behind Surrogate Pregnancy
Surrogacy (Image Courtesy:

Through the IVF, silver-cutting institutions in this business have begun to make the whole deal from making available to the poor sections of the women. These women get ready to become their surrogate mothers again by putting their health on the stake. Especially for American and European disadvantaged couples such as Surrogacy in developing countries like India and Nepal.

The first choice of Israel’s people is only a country like India and Nepal. There is also a rich section within the country. After this pregnancy, the women of this section take the help of surrogacy to avoid the situation of the body, such as beauty and childbirth. Open IVF centers open in India help them in this.

Women are given very good money through these foreigners and rich sections of the country. This is the reason why this business in India has reached approximately 20 thousand crore rupees. After the women’s health issues were being demanded to stop it, the government was contemplating to curb this.

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