Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit After The Age Of 60

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The effect of aging can be easily seen on health. As the aging progresses, the disease-resistant capacity becomes weak, and the body needs more nutrition. Staying healthy after 60 is a challenge, as the man has had many diseases, and he consumes many types of medicines for his treatment.

Even before sixty years, you have lived your life with a routine; you need to pay more attention after crossing this age. At this time the body is not very active. You need a healthy and nutritious diet to cure all of these. So make a diet chart that can fulfill your body’s every need. As your age progresses the needs of your body also change. You used to eat anything like before, and it was digested; now it is not like that. Your digestive power becomes weak with increasing age. That’s why you have to pay attention to your diet which your body keeps tight and nourishes. Let us discuss some tricks and tips to stay fit after 60.

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 How to stay Healthy  And Fit After The Age Of 60?

Avoid Cholesterol and Oil to stay healthy after age of a 60
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Tips to stay healthy after 60:

Avoid Cholesterol and saturated fats: After 60 years of age, the biggest concern of man’s health is to cholesterol level. Cholesterol comes in both good and bad ways. Good cholesterol is called HDL, and bad cholesterol is called LDL. Cholesterol is high in food items which contain a high amount of fat. Cholesterol is more in dairy products, meat, and fried foods. Therefore, after 60 years of age, such foods should be avoided. If the level of cholesterol has increased then to reduce it, eat Omega-3 fatty foods containing fatty acids. Fish, olive oil can help you with it.

Fruits and Vegetables: Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit After The Age Of 60
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High Intake of Fiber: Fiber is an important place in your diet plan, especially after crossing the age of 60. Fiber is mainly of two types – soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps in regulating your digestive system better. While insoluble fiber regulates sugar and reduces cholesterol. To stay healthy and fit after the age of 60, the man should consume at least 38 grams of fiber. It should eat whole grains, white bread, pasta, and rice.

Fruits and Vegetables: Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit After The Age Of 60
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Fruits and Vegetables: Along with aging, the intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables should be increased. Fruits and green vegetables contain natural mineral and vitamins that are essential for the body. Vitamin C in orange and strawberries, magnesium in bananas, iron in the spinach and other nutrients including lycopene are found in tomatoes. Therefore, at least 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of green vegetables should be consumed regularly after the age of 60 years. This reduces the risk of diseases, and the body remains healthy.

Exercise after age of a 60: Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit After The Age Of 60
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Training And Yoga Regularly:  In addition to diets to stay healthy at the age of 60 and more you must practice yoga or simple exercises. Avoid fast food and junk food and do regular checkups. Those who started exercising at the age of 60+ had less trouble in their work like washing clothes etc. Keeping track of these factors revealed that in the survey participants, there were no major mental or physical ailments of the bass percentage of people. There were mostly people in this group of participants, who had always been exercising. Apart from these, there were those who had started it later also, many people did not do not even exercise.

Above tips will definitely improve your health and will keep you energetic after age of 60.

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