What is You Tube seriously doing with your child? Let’s find out!


Digital world and technology are useful when used beneficially, but cannot be used even if it is not handled correctly.

As parents or guardians increasingly query the effects technology has on their health and development of children, many are alarmed by slays of information coming out about nasty content on YouTube targeting even the kids as young as the age of two years.

When kids enter YouTube, they can find beneficial information, but some movies that can “attract attention” in a more inappropriate manner. Do not say that you can make a mess on YouTube that does not help the child.

YouTube has most recently in recent years. Its role in young making youth is significant. But the credit goes to young people only to introduce them to the world.

Today, there are different types of channels on YouTube, and dozens of channels that have entirely changed the misconceptions and ideas that have been sitting in the minds of young people. Those issues which are shouting from talking to young people in the real world, those issues are being open on YouTube. Tasks related to many things, including relationships, sex, are being freely here

“YouTube has emerged as the youngest member of youth; though YouTube is doing it is doing to family members.”

What Do Psychologists Say?

They always choose the middle path, as always. Psychologists have often not responded to what is happening, because they do not have enough data. Psychologists have no answer; they only have questions, categories of topics, notebooks and decisions.

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They tell us to be careful, let the child lower in front of the mobile screen, but soon. That is, they choose a kind of middle path, which prevents them from following decisions.

Let’s not block access to children’s information, but at the same time, we must ensure that safe content is displayed on phones and tablets.

Take care of YouTube, other “trustworthy” sources where inappropriate content is available: Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What Is Safe Content For Children?

Now we enter the scope of ethics, and it depends on man what is right and what is not. My attitude: Every parent or elder brother must protect the youngest. In this way I have made 100,000 over the years, I do not know why I change the recipe. We, who are going to have more talent in the head, have to keep the small material out of the wrong stuff, as long as they do not bump into their head.

Parents Who Have The Effect Of Living With Talent At Home!#

To use any phone you do not have to be a doctor in science, you put your finger on the screen, and it’s okay, stuff happens.

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Parents who look at children’s talents, they have low level IT education, and this is where the contrast between them and the children increases.

Parents of the previous era did not know the way to match the electronic watch, and their kid fit it in seconds. It did not get a talent of a kid, but ignorant in some techniques.

Why Do Parents Leave Their Children On A Phone Or Tablet?

Parents are very busy, and it is almost impossible for them to handle every day and children and need them. Therefore, they choose to leave the children in front of the mobile screen. Instead of this, Attract children to nature and encourage them for outdoor games. Give them such tasks, so that their creative ability develops. Children have many hobbies; you can get them hobby classes like painting, dance, and music.

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