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It is unusual to find people who do not know about VOD these days. If you are one of them, this article is at your rescue. So, let us start by understanding what a VOD is. Video on Demand is a programming system through which users can watch their desired movies, TV series, web series and listen to music whenever and wherever they want, rather than watching at any scheduled broadcast time. Internet television is a prevalent form of VOD.


What are these?

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hotstar are one of the most popular VODs in today’s scenario. Users need to subscribe to these to watch their favorite shows without any interruption. The subscriptions are mostly required to be paid monthly. The content is streamed with the help of a set-top box, computer, mobile or any other device. You can even download the videos available and watch them offline. You can watch every Bollywood video as well because these kinds of videos are prevalent in India. These VODs have drawn a lot of attention in recent times.


What do they offer?

They are the perfect package of entertainment. You can download and stream videos of your choice with the help of portable devices and DVD players.

Netflix is a company of California, the United States of America. The Netflix app runs on any device with easy download facilities. What Netflix sign in is extremely necessary. This VOD offers the best web series and movies ever. Netflix movies and originals are always the hot topics in and around the globe. You have full access to the app for free for an entire month which is a brownie point.


The famous company operates the Prime video as amazon prime. This VOD offers some of the best amazon prime movies, prime video, and series for purchase and even on rent too. Amazon movies section always offer some bunch of good movies.

How to disable Netflix trailers auto-play?

amazon prime latest movies tricky truths

Hotstar is a product born and brought up in India. It is a mobile and digital entertainment platform. Available on all platforms, the Hotstar app is one of the most used VOD for sports, Indian soap operas, and movies.  Hotstar IPL is the most watched sector of this app. It was downloaded more than one million times in the time span of only six days. Hotstar live is one of the most famous app people use to watch hotstar live matches like hotstar live cricket. You can also watch hotstar tv shows, as it has a good collection of current and famous tv shows.


Some popular web series

The best web series are:-

  • Amazon Prime – Orphan Black, Hannibal, Downtown Abbey, 24, Catastrophe, and Goliath.
  • Netflix – Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Suits, Narcos, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards. Some of the popular original movies of 2018 are The Kissing Booth, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Ibiza, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and Set It Up.
  • Hotstar – Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Take 2, Unmarried, The Job, Ted Talks India, Bol Viru Bol, and Tanhaiyan.


Netflix, Hotstar & Amazon Head towards voluntary censorship in India

Business: Netflix, Hotstar-Amazon prime

Netflix is the world’s leading VOD with more than 100 million members in over 200 countries who enjoy more than 120 million hours of pure fun and entertainment every day. It mainly makes money from the subscriptions. Subscribers pay to get full access to it, and that is how the business works. The company has crossed the benchmark of 100 billion dollars in market capitalization by January 2018.

The product of Amazon was launched at a lower rate compared to Netflix in India to expand the customer base. It is increasing its partnerships everywhere. To improve the business, it has partnered with Indian telecom brand, Vodafone and offered access to the customers at promotional rates. It is a paid VOD, and most of the money comes from the subscription fees only. In the European countries, price at £5.99 or €7.99 for a month. In the US, it is $8.99 per month which is a considerable price for the quality of videos it offers.


Hotstar unlike the rest of the two VODs does not charge any subscription fees. Its primary source of income is ads on their platform and from users who use the premium version. They do not put up ads on big tech companies like Google and Yahoo on their platform. A management cell is set up. It works like the TV advertisers in which the advertiser directly contacts them to place ads. This reduces the commission that Google Ads receive which ranges to 5-15% per ad. They have invented some ideas like in case you watch the entire ad; the advertiser needs to pay for the ad which it has placed on the platform which in return benefits everyone ranging from advertisers, Star India, and consumers.


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