How To Create Siri Shortcuts On IOS 12?

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Do you love Siri? Learn to create shortcuts

If you are fond of Siri and you know that it can be accessed as shortcuts in your IOS, then you must also know that the Siri shortcuts are more exciting because of the pre-program voice commands. Hi siri can you do it for me? Hi siri can you call Mr. X?  and so on request on siri. You may think of why taking charge creating shortcuts when you can already connect to Siri for sending a text or making a call but what makes shortcuts must creation for you is the extensive command and execute over Siri. To get easy access to your most of the application you must know how to create Siri shortcuts?

Create Siri Shortcuts

The foremost step of starting the creation of siri Shortcuts is opening the Settings application and going to the Siri & Search option. You can witness some shortcut suggestions on your screen.

Now, if you wish to see all the shortcuts to get added at present then tap on “All Shortcuts”. IOS 12 is a beta version, demands addition by respective app developers and hence siri Shortcuts are supported by stock applications including Messages, Phone, Photos, and Weather. If it proves to be a stable channel, you will witness the appearance of the added support by applications from developers.

How to use Siri Shortcut?

Wondering how to use Siri Shortcut? Just tell it the phrase you have configured as a shortcut you want it to jump upon.

The activities which are recently done by you will relate to the populated shortcuts of the Siri & Search. Let’s take that you have sent an email or sent a text message to someone, so it will appear in your recent siri Shortcut for you. All you can analyze through these activities is that you have to manually apply your skills for what you wish to be as a shortcut on your device.

Siri support systems for social media and other apps

Siri Shortcut feature is well in use for applications like Messages and Phone. Now that you know that it supports “Messages” so you must also be thinking the right of adding support of Siri Shortcuts to messaging applications.  WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, which is obviously marked true by Siri. If it can do all, so you must also be looking into getting the support of Siri Shortcuts to your other social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for which you have to wait for a little.

We must tell you that it is more feasible to get shortcuts for productivity applications that social media applications. And the same applies to the use of applications like Chrome and Dropbox with Siri Shortcuts. You cannot do much about applications which are unaffected by considerable interventions. For example,

  • if you wish to open a certain website in the Chrome application
  • if you are thinking of sharing a file from Dropbox without actually picking the exact file for the exact receiver, it is not at all supported by Siri Shortcuts.

siri Shortcuts are helpful and fun at the same time but a must try thing for sure!

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