World’s 5 Best Supercomputers Ever Built

World’s 5 Best Supercomputers

The supercomputers are the name of those computers which are currently at the forefront of calculating power and some other cases. Supercomputer equipped with state-of-the-art technologies can do extensive calculations and super-computable calculations intensely. In this, many microprocessors work together and quickly solve any complex problem. At present, the supercomputer is the computer with the most intense capacity, efficiency, and memory capacity. According to the modern definition, machines that can work with a capacity of 500 megaflops are called supercomputers. A supercomputer can do one billion calculations in a second. Megaflop measures its speed. In most supercomputers, Linux operating systems are used, but except for Linux, CentOS, bullx SCS, SUSE, and Cray Linux operating systems work for Supercomputers.

The first supercomputer is Waliq 4, which started working in 1975. It was developed by Daniel Slotnik. It alone could work on 64 computers in one go. Its main memory could have 80 million words, and it could perform arithmetic operations with the methods of 8, 32, 64 bytes. Its work capacity was 300 million calculations per second, that is, in whatever time we can barely count the number of 8, in that time it could solve 30 million questions by adding, subtracting, multiplying, part.

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Here is the list of World’s 5 Best Supercomputers Ever Built:

IBM Supercomputer (Image Courtesy: datacenterknowledge)
IBM Power System (Image Courtesy: datacenterknowledge)

IBM Power System AC922:

This supercomputer has been installed in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of America. This is made by IBM Company. Talk about its course; it is 2,282,544. At the same time, they will be surprised to know about the memory of this computer. Its storage is 2,801,664 GB. Also talk about the processor in the IBM Power 922C 3.07 GHz Processor At the same time, the operating system is RHEL 7.4.

Sunway TaihuLight (Image Courtesy: Popular Science)
Sunway Taihu Light (Image Courtesy: Popular Science)

Sunway Taihu Light:

This supercomputer is at the second number in this list. It is used in China’s National Super Computing Center. This computer has been created by Fujitsu Company. At the same time, its storage is 417,792 GB. Apart from this, the operating system of this computer is Linux.


Sierra (Image Courtesy: Complitation)
Sierra (Image Courtesy: Complitation)

IBM Power System S922LC:

The IBM Company created this computer system established in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory of America. It has 1,382,400 GB memory and IBA Power 922C3 GHz processor. Talking about the operating system, this is RedHat Enterprise Linux.


Tianhe-2A (Image Courtesy: YouTube)

– TH-IVB-FEP Cluster:

This supercomputer has been installed in the National Supercomputer Center located in Guangzhou city of China. It was made by the NUDT Company. At the same time, 2,277,376 GB memory has been given. Also, the processor is the Intel Xeon E5-2692v2 12C 2.2GHz and the operating system Kylin Linux.

NUDT Cores (Image Courtesy: YouTube)
NUDT Cores (Image Courtesy: YouTube)

NUDT Cores 4,981,760 Memory:

The name of the company that created this computer is Fujitsu. 417792 GB memory has been given to this supercomputer. This computer working on Linux has Xeon Gold 6148 20C 2.4GHz processor.

Along with this, International Conference for High-Performance Computing Reno (California) has released a list of the world’s best 500 supercomputers. In this, Tata’s supercomputer one has been named fourth in the world and the fastest supercomputer in Asia. It can do 117.9 trillion (million crores) calculations in a second. Forty years ago in the supercomputer market where there were just a few companies; there are big names like Cray, Dell, HP, IBM, NEC, SGI, HP, and Sun in the market.

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