Let’s Try To Know Some Dark Secrets Of Salman Khan!

Dark Secrets Of Salman Khan_bollywood_politics

Bollywood News: Most eligible bachelor and most talked-about actor of the Bollywood, Salman Khan shares a secret with his fans. This secret is related to his marriage. Salman told why he is not marrying. Why Salman has not tied knots with someone yet or why he is not marrying? This question often clicks the minds of his fans. This is one of the dark secrets of Salman Khan’s life. Apart from his love life, his personal life has dozens of controversies.

The Nation Wants To Know Why Salman Is Still Single?

Salman has counted some reasons not to get married. Salman said marriage had become an enormous commitment. To marry someone you have to spend millions and crore of rupees and I cannot afford this. This is the reason behind my single status.

The love affairs of Salman Khan have so far been linked up with Soumi Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Along with the Romanian model, Lulia Ventur, name as her close friend. Lulia is often seen in parties and functions hosted b Salman Khan or his family. But Salman himself does not officially confirm his relationship with any actress accept Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif.

Dark Secrets Of Salman Khan_bollywood_politics
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Headlines were there to be that he was dying for getting married. Then he said that I am quite unlucky in the matter of love. But my image and character are portrayed wrong in front of society. Salman also said that man does not decide anything; everything is determined by women only.

Salman Khan Popularity Touches Sky, But Girls Believe He Is Not Worth To Get Married

In an Interview, Sangeeta Bijlani says that Salman met her on May 27, 1994. One day itself Salman had chosen to marry her because he got the family’s approval. But the family of Sangeeta was not sure because they wanted my happiness.

Salman Khan latest news update All in one: 

Hit and Run Case: This is one of the biggest Salman khan controversies. The big case filed on in Salman Khan was hit and run, in which the Bombay High Court verdict came in December 2016. The High Court acquitted Salman of all charges. Earlier, the trial court had convicted Salman Khan in May 2015. It was alleged that in the state of intoxication, Salman had crushed five people who were sleeping on the sidewalk with their Land Cruiser Car, one of them was also killed. This Hit and Run case will remain an ugly secret of Salman Khan.

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Arms Case: Police recovered a revolver and rifle from the room of Salman Khan on September 22, 1998, in Jodhpur. Salman was accused of using this weapon in hunting. This was followed by the Arms Act against Salman. On 18 January 2017, the district court acquitted Salman. Against this, an appeal has been made in the High Court.

26/11 attack comment- Salman Khan had come on a note after a Mumbai attack, when he said that this attack was being given so much hype as it was targeted at the marginalized sections of the society, after the comments, people target Salman, but he later apologized for his insensitive remark.

Dark Secrets Of Salman Khan_bollywood_politics
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Black Buck Hunting Case: In 1998, Salman Khan reached Jodhpur with Saif, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre for the shooting of his film ‘Hum Saath Ke Hain Hain’. It is ominous that Salman is in five places including Horse Farm House, Bhavath Village 27-28 On September night, the black deer were hunted.

Farm House Case: In April 2006, the CJM Court had sent Salman to five years in this case. Salman went to the High Court against this decision, where the High Court acquitted him in 2016. But the Rajasthan government has appealed against this decision in the Supreme Court.

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