My Name Is RaGa: Another Political Biopic Before Lok Sabha Election

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Latest Bollywood News: Lok Sabha elections are coming near, and political parties are increasingly promoting their political propaganda. The film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ has been released on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. A biopic film made on PM Modi is about to come. But in the meantime, a movie made on Congress President Rahul Gandhi is also coming.

The film comes from the name ‘My name is RAGA’ is Rahul Gandhi’s biopic. The film’s teaser has been launched. The 4-minute teaser shows scenes from Indira Gandhi’s murder to becoming Rahul Gandhi’s Congress president.  In the film teaser, some emotional scenes were also filmed between Rahul Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Rupesh Paul is the director of the film. Rupesh Paul’s account includes films such as Saint Dracula and Kamasutra 3D. Rupesh Paul’s name came into the discussion when Bollywood actress Sharleen Chopra had edged from Kamasutra 3D.

A film called ‘My name is Raga’ is being centered on the life of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Director Rupesh Pal said in a statement, “The purpose of the film is neither to glorify Rahul nor to remove his secret. This is the story of a man who was ridiculed and how he made a great comeback. ”

He said, “Whoever has faced audacity and failure, they can attach themselves to this films’ story. In this sense, I do not want to call it a biopic. This is a story of any person, who becomes defiant after the victory of a catastrophic life. “The film can be released between elections in April.

My Name is Raga: Bollywood News
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Back To Back Biopic Of Politicians Are In Row To Release On Silver Screen

In the upcoming day, the film is also being made on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi has started shooting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life film “PM Narendra Modi.”

Recently, a photo was released from the set of the biopic, in which producer Sandeep Singh, director Umang Kumar B. And Vivek looked on the game holding the clapperboard.

Vivek is in the role of PM Modi in the film. With him, stars like Boman Irani and Darshan Kumar are in leading roles. From the sale of Modi’s tea in the biopic, the journey of becoming a Prime Minister will be called on.

My Name is Raga: What Does The 4 minutes Trailer Shows?

The film starts with the murder of former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi is beginning from childhood. There is a dialog in this movie, where a lady is seen telling Rahul Gandhi, ‘You know why we love you so much because you have taught us to win. Those who made fun of Rahul, today they are the very rage of those people. After this dialogue, Rahul Gandhi is jumping in his style and responding to it.

My Name is Raga Trailer: 

Courtesy: Siddharthnagar Khaas

“My Name is Raga, is not made for Rahul’s glorification or to undermine him. This is the story of a person coming back, who had been shamelessly attacked. Anyone who has faced fear and breakdown, fearlessly, is related to this story. I do not want to say this to a biopic; this is the story of any man who becomes invincible after winning a terrible life.

Teaser has shown that Rahul Gandhi sees the old age of his grandmother, i.e., former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and his father Rajiv Gandhi killed and became desperate. Also in this film, Narendra Modi has also been shown, and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is also seen. Ashwini Kumar plays Rahul Gandhi in this movie, Hemant Kapadia is Modi, and Raju Kher is seen as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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