Team India is going to lose cricket world cup 2019, know why?


Facts show, Why team India cannot win cricket world cup 2019

All cricketing nations are preparing for world cup 2019. The Indian cricket team is not looking as prepared as cricketing fans are expecting. After the surprising cluster stage exit from the ICC World Cup 2007, the Indian team’s performance in the slightest degree the ICC events was noteworthy. With but a year left for the beginning of the cricketing entertainment, India presently stratified No.2 behind the town team is going to be wanting forward to lifting the desired trophy for the third time.

The Indian cricket team has been functioning on a homogenous basis once losing to New Zealand within the semi-final of the last ICC World Cup. India was the necessary facet before England stirred sooner than them recently. In last year’s Champions trophy that was content in England, India fell short within the final and that they can look to travel one step ahead next year.

In the 10-team tournament, India is certainly one in all the highest contenders to win the tournament. India’s case becomes stronger considering the actual fact that India is going to be moving to England for the following two and a half months, giving them ample time for the players to organize.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

In addition to that, here are the following reasons why India can win the ICC World Cup in 2019:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Teams & Match Schedule

 Dhoni’s finishing skills became a hot topic for conversation

The veteran of 321 ODI games looks to own lost his golden bit. He can be extremely effective as a cricketer, in fact, the most effective within the world at the instant, once it involves delivering the lightning-bolt dismissals behind the stumps. It’s his batting performance that has raised the eyebrows for his future choices, however.

In spite of having an average of 51 .26 and 10,046 runs within the white-ball cricket, Dhoni’s intent and his form of gameplay within the past number of years have created him a theme of tremendous speech act. While Captain Kohli has overtly backed Dhoni, critics square measure to call for the in-form Dinesh Karthik or the explosive Rishabh Pant to require the wicket-keeper’s place.


Hardik Pandya as associate degree all-rounder has been inconsistent

Hardik Pandya’s batting and bowling were below par within the ended ODI series. The 24-year-old has to up his performances, in no matter restricted opportunities he gets before the planet Cup games. Pandya should notice that neither his bowling nor his batting has been extremely effective within the past number of series. Associate degreed it’s time for him to plan some necessary ways that may ameliorate his superior skill as an all-rounder for the Indian team. In thirty-eight ODI games, he has managed to clinch thirty-nine wickets and averages just 29 .9 with the bat, with solely 628 runs until date.


The seaming all-rounder from Baroda should contribute within the future games, else, he may lose his place to Vijay Shankar, World Health Organization is waiting uneasily to convalesce into the scene for the white-ball cricket.

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Over-pressure on the top-order batsmen


There are few instances wherever the fast dismissals of India’s top-batsmen brought the complete team to a hiatus. Be it the 2017 Champions Trophy final against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, or the 3-match ODI series against the European nation. The ending of the highest three players places the complete pressure onto the middle-order batsmen. Regardless of having some extremely tough players within the middle order, India could not deliver what was expected. And eventually suffered some significant defeats on those crucial occasions.

The team’s over-reliance on the performances of Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, and Virat Kohli won’t serve the team well. Particularly besieged in an exceedingly high-scoring chase, as an instance. This remains the foremost essential concern for the Indian team that should be brought beneath immediate check if they’re too fancy their probabilities of winning the 2019 tournament.

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