How far can the accusations on Robert Vadra damage the image of Priyanka Gandhi?

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BJP has taken a fresh look at Congress. The case was on the Congress headquarters, in the reception of Priyanka Gandhi’s poster. In these posters, Priyanka Gandhi along with her husband Robert Vadra and Congress President Rahul Gandhi were also seen. While targeting BJP leader Robert Vadra, Congress has taken Congress President Rahul Gandhi into the fold. Although his target was not directly on Priyanka, the allegations of BJP in the coming time are pointing to the phase of contradiction.

After winning in three states, Congress is now directly targeting Prime Minister Modi directly. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been trying to surround Modi on issues like Raphael. Along with this, Priyanka Gandhi has been included in the active politics by giving the post of General Secretary to revive the Congress. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s entry has given new enthusiasm to the Congress but has also filled her aspirations.

Robert Vadra is basically from Moradabad, western UP. Since Priyanka never goes straight into politics, there is no controversy about them. But the dispute is definitely on her husband, Robert Vadra. Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, Robert Vadra was accused of corruption in the DLF deal.

Apart from DLF, ED is also asking Robert Vadra about his property in London. Its effect was seen recently when Priyanka Gandhi’s posters were removed overnight at the Congress headquarters. In these posters, Priyanka Gandhi, along with her husband Robert Vadra and Congress President Rahul Gandhi was also seen.

Will the accusations of Robber Vadra will be a problem for Priyanka?

Political experts believe that these allegations will be repeated on Priyanka. But simultaneously Congress sources think that if the allegations against Robert Vadra are proved in the investigation so far, then the government will take action, but the BJP did not make any effort, but BJP charged. All these allegations can be known as politically provoked. And anyway, if the claims are on Priyanka’s husband, why should she suffer?

Deputy CM Pilot Said, No Proposal To Withdraw Rebels In Congress

It is not that Congress leaders did not realize that Robert Vadra could make trouble for Priyanka Gandhi, but even then, she believed Priyanka’s arrival would fuel the grass root level workers.

By the way, Rahul Gandhi is also engaged in enticing people at the grassroots level. Congress is preparing to meet people associated with people from different sectors of society. The people of the party want to know from people what their hopes are about the government and accordingly, they want to prepare the manifesto of the 2019 elections of Congress.

He has started the campaign to meet people for a long time. This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi is seen eating food in Dhaba, traveling in an economy class in the plane. They want to tell people that Congress is a prevailing party of people.

Special Attention On The Votes of Youngsters

Under this, Rahul Gandhi is paying much attention to young voters. About 100 million new voters are going to vote in the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019. According to the Election Commission, approximately 20 million new voters are formed every year. And these voters are crucial in deciding the direction and direction of elections.

That is why Rahul Gandhi is not just trying to woo new voters, but he wants to join young voters with him. In the coming days, the Congress presidents are getting more and more with the youth working in different areas and want to discuss the issues related to them.

Well, these votes have the BJP eyeing along with the Congress as well. Earlier, he had supported the contact with BJP President Amit Shah in which he met people of every class, students of different regions, middle class and youth working in many areas.



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