Ladakh Division: How Important is this step to resolve the internal crisis in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ladhak Division role_politics_trickytruths

The governor of Jammu and Kashmir has recently issued a huge administrative and historic decision to recognize Ladakh as a separate division. Ladakh will now be identified as the third division of Jammu and Kashmir State, separated from the Kashmir Division. In Jammu and Kashmir, there were two divisions in the state Jammu and Kashmir, which have now increased to three. So far, there will be more than two regional level administrative units in Jammu and Kashmir state. There will be two districts named Leh and Kargil in the new Ladakh division.

Ladhak got its first Divisional Commissioner:

The State Administration has appointed Saugat Wiswas as the first divisional commissioner of the Ladakh Division. Earlier Saugat was working as Special Secretary of Information and Technology Department in Jammu and Kashmir state. According to the new circular, he will spend three weeks of a month in Leh and one week in the state capital Srinagar. Apart from this, he will also have an additional charge of the information technology department. The news is that the appointment of IGP in Ladakh will be made soon as well.

Ladhak Division role_politics_trickytruths
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Administrative order for Ladakh:

Jammu and Kashmir state administration issued an order stating that for Ladakh, now both the divisions, administrations, and revenues will also be separated from Kashmir, whose headquarters will also be located in Leh. The State Administration has constituted a committee headed by the Principal Secretary, Planning Development and Monitoring Department, which will mark the posts on the regional level of various departments of Ladakh Division. In addition to this, the committee will also decide the arrangements, procedures, responsibilities and offices of the staff of different departments.

Ladakh: always avoided region!

As is well known, circumstances in the Kashmir Valley of Jammu and Kashmir state are not healthy. Due to the terrorist incidents from cross the border and also due to separatism, the problem of stability always remains in the Kashmir valley. Since the state capital, Srinagar is situated in the Kashmir Valley, and the instability of governments continue in the state, the entire focus of the state activities remain on the Jammu and Kashmir Valley. This led to the neglect of the Ladakh region.

Ladhak Division role_politics_trickytruths

Ladakh, known as the desert of the snow, is located at an altitude of 98000 feet above sea level. The population density in Ladakh is much lower, and it is also an area with inaccessible geographical conditions. According to the area, Ladakh is also India’s largest parliamentary constituency.

Will this decision cause less internal conflict in Jammu and Kashmir?

The people of three religions mainly inhabit Jammu and Kashmir. In which the majority population of Hindus lives in Jammu, Muslims in Kashmir Valley, and Buddhists in Ladakh. Surrounded by the politics of Muslim appeasement, the people of Ladakh have been demanding for overall development from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is always demanding that Ladakh should be made a new division so that to develop their region according to their unique cultural, social and geographical conditions. But, after 70 plus years of independence, this demand has now been fulfilled. Now, when Ladakh has come in the form of division, it will be interesting to see how the internal conflict of Jammu and Kashmir takes place.

Political polarization now recover its speed!

As soon as Ladakh gets the status of a separate division, polarization politics in Indian politics will run faster. Regardless, the administration has been arguing that Ladakh should restart its development in the backbone of creating a separate division, but all the political parties are beginning to assess their profit and loss. Many political parties in Jammu and Kashmir have now started to demand independent division status for Pir Panjal and Chenab Valley area. Now the question of Kashmiriyat and communal polarization will undoubtedly strengthen the politics of Muslim appeasement in the state.

Ladhak Division role_politics_trickytruths
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However, Jammu division, which has been the center of dispute for the escape of Kashmiri Pandits, is going to be the new center of politics this time. Since Ladakh was earlier a part of the Kashmir division, the political condition of the Kashmir Valley was judged higher than the Jammu division, but after the formation of the new division of Ladakh, Kashmir valley is seen as a center of state politics.

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