Lok Sabha Election 2019: Everything is fair in Race to the Parliament!

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The federal structure of Indian Constitution is the fundamental aspect of running the democracy in this country. After the Independence of India, the constitutional assembly adopted the parliamentary system from Britain and the union/federal structure from Canada. The decentralization of legislative power done by the constitution as it provides both, the separate and equal rights to the union and the state governments. Although the primary center of the power lies in the parliament, the state legislative assemblies also have their independent rights to run the government in their province. But some actions of the state and the union governments lately show that ‘everything is fair in the race to Parliament.’

Lok Sabha elections 2019 are knocking the door, and for that, every political party is doing their best. For these elections not only the government but also the opposition parties showing the damaging actions which question the safety of the Federal structure in the world’s largest democracy. A few of such acts done by the political parties against the constitutional tradition of India are discussed below:

Religious polarization and appeasement:

Even the Indian Constitution provides the fundamental right to celebrate one’s religion and also make sure that the state does not discriminate its citizens by religion. But ever since the independence, the appeasement of minorities can be seen in the political landscape and after the Ram Mandir Movement in the last decade of the 20th century, the new political agenda rose. In this agenda, the center of attraction was the majority community and then begins the polarization of majority.

Lok Sabha Election 2019
Courtesy: The Indian Express

It has been centuries since the Indian society is living in harmony even being the world’s most diverse country, but nowadays these two political issues are causing social damage in the unified Indian society. Also, the restrictions put by the Honorable Supreme Court of India to spread religious political promotions in the elections, such kind of activities could not be eliminated.

Populist and false election promises:

This is such a significant issue which no one can see damaging the constitutional arrangement in India. Populist and false election promises are the critical factor to win the election nowadays. Political parties make many promises to the people of the country to collect their votes, and after winning the election, no one cares what they have said before the election. Even when they are asked for the responsibilities of their promises they claim that every political party promises many things which they cannot fulfill and when the pressure is extreme in such situation they start blaming the former governments for the slow growth and ineffective government.

Continuous politicization of the executive:

Governments come and go, but the employees of the executive and bureaucracy remain in their position. In this situation, the constitutional perception of the independent executive seems to be impossible at this time. The permanent executive system is separate and free from the people sitting in the legislature, but in the recent scenario of West Bengal, the executive and legislature seamed overcoming this difference.

The permanent executive of the state (Kolkata Police), with the temporary executive of the country (the state government), protesting against the permanent central executive (CBI) and the temporary central executive (central government) is a sign of constitutional disaster in the country. This collaboration of legislative and executive is very dangerous for the country.

Fight between the constitutional bodies:

Lok Sabha Election 2019
Courtesy: Awaaz Nation

The legal authorities are also not cooperating properly. The drama between the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Kolkata Police this week was the very fresh and strong example of this. The Supreme Court of India is reviewing every step taken by the government in the Parliament, many actions of the Supreme Court have been turned down by the constitutional amendment in the Parliament by the union government, state governments and union government are not cooperating with each other, the departments of several ministries are not working with each other every legislative procedure is being reviewed in the Judiciary lately are some of the examples of the fight and the constitutional crisis between several constitutional bodies.

Political parties cause these problems only for the temporary benefits, but in the long term, the Indian society, Indian constitution and the federal structure of India will have to pay the sever price for this.

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