Lok Sabha Election 2019: Unclear Image Of Next Government Is Shown In The Latest Opinion Polls

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The leading political parties have begun to formulate strategies with all the numbers and equations in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The party has instructed all its leaders that they will now get involved in work at the grassroots level. Party President Amit Shah had in the meeting held in August in the meeting with the ministers of the Central Government had made it clear that the party has targeted to win more than 350 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

A total of 31 leaders participated in the meeting. In that meeting, Shah had said that 150 Lok Sabha seats are where the BJP was defeated and assembled to work there. Shah has also noted in several rallies after that the party will win more than 2014 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In a recent meeting of the National Executive of the party held in Delhi, instructions have been given to prepare for the preparation of elections and to provide a particular focus on the management of the booth level to achieve 360+ targets.

Party survey for 2019 Opinion Poll

In the recent past, many surveys about the 2019 Elections Opinion Polls showed the entire NDA is a deficit, but now the party has carried out an internal survey, in which the party’s figure has been pointed out to 300.

Lok Sabha Election 2019_politics_trickytruths
Courtesy: TOI

More than 360 Seats Targeted

This BJP survey has predicted that the BJP can win more than 300 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and the party-led alliance NDA is likely to get a total of 360 seats. Sources said about the survey that it had been claimed that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the NDA would get 51 percent of the total votes, which is 12 percent higher than the vote percentage received in 2014. It has been claimed that the country’s mood is in favor of the party and it is due to the welfare policies of the government, which has benefitted 90 percent of the villages. In the 2014 elections, the NDA had won 336 out of 543 Lok Sabha seats in which BJP got 282 seats alone.

Loss Of BJP In Many Surveys

This BJP survey is different from all of them, in which the party was shown to be harmed recently. In the ABP News-CSDS survey in May it was revealed that if elections were held in that time, the NDA would get 274 out of 543 Lok Sabha seats, while Congress-led UPA could get 164 seats. In the survey, it also came out that 47 percent of the people of Modi-led NDA was not in favor of the second term of the government. Similarly, in the survey of INDIA TODAY-KARVY July 2018, the NDA was given 281 and UPA 122 seats.

Lok Sabha Election 2019
Courtesy: NDTV

Party Will Launch Hostile Campaign

In the BJP’s national executive meeting last week, the party did not discuss any issues related to the aggressive measures of the opposition on oil prices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the message that we do not need people to be caught in the issues of opposition. He asked the party leaders to focus on the achievements of the government and talk about their aggressive propaganda. Opposition parties are raising issues such as oil prices, unemployment, alleged Rafael scam, falling rupee, but BJP, instead of answering these issues, wants to go among the public with the help of its achievements. Meanwhile, this party’s own survey will fill the confidence in the party.

These surveys and reports cannot be considered as final or assured polling as they are changing day by day. Till now we can only see an unclear image of the next government.

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