Narendra Modi Biography : Top 10 Things About NAMO That You Might Not Know

Narendra Modi Biography: India’s Prime minister Narendra Modi born on 17-Sep-1950, His father’s name is Damodardas, and his mother’s name is  Hirba Modi. He is the only prime minister of India who born after the independence of India by the British. Before he became Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was just a name. But now NAMO (Narendra Modi) is not only the name, but it became the vision of development, hope for the people of India, and ideal for millions of youngsters. Not just in India but Narendra Modi is one of the most famous personalities in the world. Since his first step as Prime Minister of India till today’s date, there is no day left when he was not active.

Nowadays BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) has become Modi party, and Government became Modi Government. There are very few politicians who were able to leave such an impact on people of any country not only that he is the second most popular leader followed on social media.

Let’s have a look on Top 10 Amazing Facts About Narendra Modi that you might not know:

Narendra Modi During Indo Pak War 1965

Since childhood, Mr. Narendra Modi was a bright kid. As a teenager, he offered his services to the soldiers of the Indian army at the railway station during Indo Pak war in 1965.

Prime Minister Who Used To Sell Tea On Railway station

Chaiwala – At his early childhood, Narendra Modi was helping his father in selling tea near Vadnagar Railway station. After a few years, he ran his tea stall.

Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi As a Tea Seller
PC: India

On the way of Hunting Truth

At his later teenage, he left home and visited many religious places of India. He used to travel to unknown places of India and hunting for the truth of life. During his spiritual journey, he also visited Himalaya and spent years with the Yogis and sadhus of Himalaya.

Narendra Modi Biopic - As A Young Yogi

Love For Books, Poetry & Photography

Narendra Modi is fond of Poetry, photography and reading books. Since childhood, he has an interest in knowledge and implementation. He has written some books in Hindi & Gujarati, not only that his clicked photographs were also sold in Exhibition.

Love For Yoga

As a morning person, Modi Ji wakes up at 5:30 and do some exercise and yoga.  He is the first leader of any country who suggested to celebrate Yoga day on 21-Jun of every year while addressing in the UN.

Yoga Day By Narendra Modi - Biopic

How the power of PMO raises after PM Modi in-charged the office?

Narendra Modi & Awards

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has won many International awards for his contribution towards society and mother nature.

Zayed Medal (UAE – 4th April-2019)  – Highest decoration of the UAE

Philip Kotler Presidential Award ( 14th-Jan-2019) – For the great leadership quality and initiative like Make In India, Start-Up India, Digital India, Swachh Bharat mission

Seoul Peace Prize -2018 (24th-Oct-2018) – Contribution to the harmony of Mankind and reconciliation between nations.

Champions of Earth By UN nations Narendra Modi - Biopic

Champions of the Earth 2018 ( 26th-Sep-2018) – The highest environmental honor of the United Nations.

Grand Collar of the State of Palestine ( 10th-Feb-2018) – The highest order to any foreign dignitaries.

Abdulla Khan Award -Afghanistan ( 4th-Jun-2016)  – The highest civilian award of Afghanistan

King Abdulaziz Sash (3rd-Apr-2016) – The highest civilian award of Saudi Arabia

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Leadership course from the USA

Narendra Modi undertook a 3 months course in the USA for Image management & public relations. This course helped him during his entire journey as a prime minister of India.

Fashion Icon

His love of his outfit also became a topic of discussion among people & politicians. He is very fussy about his outfit and always were creaseless clothes.

Passion for work

No doubt Mr. Narendra Modi is one of the most workaholic Prime Minister of India. He has never taken a leave and working 16-18 Hrs a day.

PC: The Quint

Mann Ki Baat

He always tries to connect the people of India, he chooses many ways to get in touch. He is the only prime minister of India who shares his thoughts and various schemes by hosting Mann ki Baat program on All India Radio.

Narendra Modi Biopic - Mann Ki baat

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