China’s OBOR Project: Different Challenges For China And Rest Of The World

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From east to west, China is going to lay a trap through the road and sea so that she will be able to maintain her fear on the whole world. It is being named One Beld One Road. On May 14-15, Beijing is scheduled to have a One Belt One Road (OBOR) summit, which has led India to take a stride.

This attitude of India is also critical because the large part of China’s One Belt One Road Project passes through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China did not allow India for this corridor, which violates its sovereignty. Through this news, we will try to tell you every big thing related to it.

What is OBOR?

China's OBOR Project

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It is being said that China’s President Xi Jinping is an ambitious project. The purpose of the One Belt One Road project is to improve connectivity and cooperation between Asian countries, Africa, China, and Europe. It has also emphasized increasing the sea routes along with the land. This route, starting from China’s Xian province, connecting African country, Russia, Europe by road, then through the sea route, connecting with Xinjiang (China), via Athens, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur. This policy is important for China because its objective is to promote domestic development in the country. According to experts, OBOR is also a part of China’s strategy regarding economic diplomacy.

Economic Prosperity Is Not Political Ambition

the conspiracy of OBOR_politics_trickytruths_1

China has seen the prospect of eliminating economic prosperity and unemployment among 65 countries through the OBOR. At the moment, China is claiming that no political ambition will be fulfilled from this project, but after completion of the project, China can have a desire to maintain its dominance across the world.

This project will also include many countries for which it is impossible to establish infrastructure itself; China can help in the development of these countries. In the future, China will not be able to take advantage of this development in the future. At the same time, the presence of Chinese soldiers in the Chinese citizens and corridors in these countries can also be threatened by the sovereignty of the country.

Race from America

China's OBOR Project
China’s OBOR Project

The world’s second largest economic powerhouse, China, wants to dominate its roads. China will benefit from the ongoing competition between the US and China. Given the fact that most of the coastal routes remain America’s one-sided supremacy, China will use its special emphasis in developing the road routes, to allow America to compete in the business.

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130 Countries Claim To Join the OBOR Summit

China claims that representatives of 130 nations are participating in the OBOR summit. But the question is when this project will connect 65 countries, then what was the need to call 130 countries? China is doing its best to grab the attention of international media through this summit. In the course of this, he wants to put pressure on other nations including India. Addressing the inaugural function of the OBOR Project Summit, Xi Jinping said that this project would be a symbol of global peace and prosperity. While the reality is that many countries are not embracing these words of China, Tibet, South China Sea, and Arunachal issues do not go with the official press.

What Is The Objection To India From The OBOR?

China's OBOR Project

The main reason for India’s opposition to China’s One Belt One Road project is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC), which is a part of the OBOR. China did not allow India for this corridor, which violates its sovereignty. Apart from this, India also has an objection to the name of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.


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