How the power of PMO raises after PM Modi in-charged the office?

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Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India on May 26, 2014, and he is the first Indian Prime Minister born after Independence. Energetic, dedicated and determined, Narendra Modi represents the aspirations and hopes of more than one billion Indians.

Since assuming office in May 2014, Prime Minister Modi has gone on a journey of all-round and inclusive development where every Indian can fulfill his hopes and aspirations. They are highly motivated by ‘Antyodaya,’ that is, the principle of reaching the last person.

Through innovative ideas and initiatives, the Modi government has ensured that the pace of progress is high and every citizen gets the benefit of development. Now governance is free, its process has been simplified, and transparency has come in.

Public interest and welfare work:

For the first time, unprecedented change has come through Prime Minister Jan-Dhan Yojana under which it has been ensured that all citizens of the country are involved in the financial system. There is the number of Modi government schemes, Modi yojana as well as schemes launched by Modi in the past four and half years. Keeping their focus on making the business more accessible, their call to ‘Make in India’ has led to unprecedented communication between the investors and the entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Under the ‘Sharmev Jayate’ initiative, labor reforms and dignity of labor have empowered many workers engaged in small and medium industries, and the skilled youth of the country got inspiration too.

In the previous governments, correspondence with the prime minister and the PMO of the citizens is mainly from the email. Thousands of emails have been stacked by this neither these emails were tracked, nor any ticketing mechanism was created for them. But now there is a separate grievance re-dorsal section on PMO’s website, where incoming complaints are sent to different departments concerned.

PM Modi_politics_trickytruths

Mr. Putin & Modi annual meet – A Relationship Between Warmth and Affection

International image building:

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Sri Lankan President Mittal Sirisena, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel have visited India, and these tours have visited India and these countries. There has been a success in improving the cooperation between the two countries. On Republic Day of 2015, in the long history of Indo-US relations for the first time, US President Barack Obama came to India as the chief guest.

In August 2015, India hosted the FIPIC Summit in which the top leaders of the Pacific Islands participated. During this, essential aspects related to India’s relations with the Pacific Islands were discussed.

PM Modi_politics_trickytruths

Becoming the World’s Most Followed Head of Nation:

The day when Barack Obama left his office, Donald Trump becomes the President of America. Another thing that has happened at that time – Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the most followed nation chief of the world. PM Modi’s followers are much more in comparison to other heads of state on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

PMO remains everywhere in policymaking:

It was difficult to imagine such a thing five years ago, but the way India and Indians performed amazingly in other areas have happened in the same case. PM Narendra Modi’s obsession with using technology and adopting new methods of communication is not hidden from anyone, but he also incorporates technology in governance to connect with the public, especially the youth.

What separates Render Modi from other leaders is his curiosity to understand and adopt the technology. Now India has started using technology to reach public services to the people. The subsidy is being transferred directly into bank accounts. So far, 1.5 lakh crore rupees have been sent to 32 crore beneficiaries in this manner. The poor people of the country are now able to send and receive payments without using mobile phones.

PM Modi_politics_trickytruths
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PM Modi has changed the way of not only communicating for governments and leaders but has started such a round in which the leaders are going to the people themselves. Tweets of 140 Character are available directly to people. PM also launched several new campaigns like # Sandesh2Soldiers, #MyCleanIndia, #IncredibleIndia, #SelfieWithDaughter, which affected millions of people across the country and abroad.

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