Where The New Relationship Of US And North Korea is Headed?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and US President Donald Trump, despite a resolution to ban missile programs during the summit in Singapore, North Korea is continuously working on it. Trump has just relied on Kim Jong at the American agency’s warning on this. In the meantime, CNN has also made a prominent disclosure by photographs received from a satellite that Pyongyang is expanding its one important missile base.

According to CNN, North Korea has expanded the long distance missile base in the mountainous area Reongzeo-Dong. He has also constructed another base which has never been publicly identified before. US Defense Ministry Pentagon said that we have closely watched North Korea but cannot discuss intelligence information.

All this is happening in the circumstances while Kim Jong-she has agreed on the conquest of the Korean Peninsula in her Singapore summit. However, no details were given on how to do this. Experts told the American news network that the missile base location is very accurate for North Korea’s long-range missile missiles. These include missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Controversy in Donald Trump’s Attitude

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Based on satellite images, Trump’s attitude towards North Korea’s behavior is being seen contradictory. Last week, the US president expressed the hope for a second meeting with Kim at the beginning of 2019 and on the other hand, American NSA John Bolton said on Tuesday that Trump believes that North Korean leaders are not fulfilling the promises made in the Singapore talks.

On another hand, in his recent tweet, Donald Trump makes it clear that he is not in a hurry to take any big decision.

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Kim Rejects Unilateral Action

US officials are giving full nuclear disarmament to the Korean Peninsula before removing strict sanctions on North Korea. Although North Korea has dismissed this demand as saying it would be an utterly unilateral action, while the two sides have to take positive steps gradually.

Donald Trump received the letter seeking the second meeting of Kim Jong Un Remarks

The North Korean leader, who sought US President Donald Trump for a second meeting, received a “positive letter”. The White House gave this information on Monday. White House spokesman Sarah Sanders told reporters, “The President has received the letter of Kim Jong Un. It is a very positive letter. “He said that the message shows that North Korea continues its commitment to free the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons.

The news came as news came last week that American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo received the letter about which President Donald Trump has said that he was expecting a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-them. An official from the State Department confirmed that Pompeo has that letter. Right now it is not clear immediately that it has been given to the trumpet or not.

How the conflict raised?

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North Korea warned that if the United States does not remove economic sanctions against it, then it can make its policy of reinforcing nuclear weapons effective again. Due to the pressure to stop the use of sanctions and stop the nuclear program on North Korea, this statement was issued on behalf of the Foreign Ministry on Friday evening in the background of Talkhi between Washington and Seoul.

The ministry said that if the US does not change its stand, then North Korea can make its ‘Pyongjin’ policy again effective to strengthen the nuclear program and economic development. North Korea had almost threatened to end the ongoing talks with America regarding its nuclear programs.

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