Pulwama Terrorist Attack: World is united against the attack; Pakistan now may be blacklisted by FATF

Pulwama Terrorist Attack_politics_trickytruths

On Thursday, the terrorist attack on CRPF persons at Srinagar-Jammu Highway in Pulwama district of Jammu Kashmir had shaken the world along with India. This is the most significant terror attack in the world in recent times. In the attack by Pakistan supported Azhar Masood’s terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, 44 CRPF personnel were martyred, and nearly two dozen people were severely injured. Candle marches can be seen in place to place throughout the country in protest against this terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir. But, this attack has united all the countries around the world against terrorism.

The Ministry of External Affairs says that how the whole world is standing against the terrorist attack in Pulwama today, there are a very few examples in world politics. Now India has started preparations to make Pakistan blacklisted by FATF.

Pulwama Terrorist Attack_politics_trickytruths
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The whole world looms to support India against terrorism:

After the attack on CRPF jawans in Pulwama, almost the entire world seems to be speaking in one voice. So far, nearly 48 countries have condemned the Pulwama terrorist attack in stern words. Some powerful nations have not only condemned this attack but also wornPakistan on many terrorist organizations hidden in Pakistan and its hideouts. Many countries around the world have also advised Pakistan to hasten its reconciliation with terrorists and to confront terrorist organizations and shelter the terrorists.

Small or big, every country is supporting India:

These countries, which support India, include rich and developed countries like USA, UK, France, and Japan, as well as small countries like Bulgaria and Seychelles. The biggest challenge for Pakistan is that now countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are also standing with India against this terrorist attack in Pulwama. These countries, who have always been friends of Pakistan, have warned Pakistan that whatever the aim of the attack, it is not fair to justify such attacks and violence in any way.

Pulwama Terrorist Attack_politics_trickytruths
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Large international organizations also stand against Pakistan:

The United Nations appears to stand against terrorist attacks worldwide, but at the moment, the biggest thing is that many big international institutions such as Chinese-led SCO with the United Nations stand with India against terrorism.

The way the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Organization’s (SAARC) all the other countries except Pakistan, are standing with India against the terrorist attack, it is clear that Pakistan’s willingness to organize the next meeting of SAARC is rarely complete. At the same time, Pakistan is once again seen to be isolated in South Asia.

US President has done too:

US President Donald Trump has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Pulwama. He said only on the day of the attack that he is standing firmly with India against terrorism and terrorists can stress the situation as much as they want but, America is with India and is not going to bend over the issue of terrorism.

China condemned the attack, but didn’t clear it’s stand on Azhar Masood:

Pulwama Terrorist Attack_politics_trickytruths
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In the first statement issued by China, China not only condemned the terrorist attack in Pulwama but also expressed concern about the movement of Azhar Masood openly. But, in many statements issued later, China seems to be able to retain the state of trampling on declaring Azhar Masood as an international terrorist. Significantly, despite all the efforts of India in the United States, China is restricting UN to put Azhar Masood on the International Most Wanted List for many years.

Pakistan can be blacklisted by FATF:

Pulwama Terrorist Attack_politics_trickytruths
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Today, in the five-day meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which starts in Paris, India will be trying to get Pakistan blacklisted by FATF. FATF has already put Pakistan in its surveillance list, so if it is now blacklisted, then it would be challenging to do international business and to take foreign loans for Pakistan. At the same time, there will be a lot of trade restriction on it.

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