Venezuela Political Crisis: Will One Nations Problem Divide The Whole World

Venezuela Political Crisis (Image Courtesy: CBN News)

The country which owns more oil than Saudi Arabia, the country which sells 95% of its income, the country where the socialist government spends hands on the poor, the nation in which the government wants to own every industry And what country does the country like the US-Russia-China look for? It’s the same place, which today is Venezuela.

Know about the Venezuelan crisis.

The Venezuelan crisis is so much more complicated because the political use, the weak economy and the political use of the army are all talked about each other. The right way is fulfilled when many of the world’s nations make Venezuela an orchard of Nurakushti to prove its supremacy. Let’s know what the Venezuelan crisis is and why all the world’s countries are coming face-to-face on it.

The Policies That Are Underway

To understand the Venezuelan crisis, we have to start with its political situation. It is not clear in today’s date that who is Venezuelan President. At the beginning of 2019, the results of the presidential election came here, in which the ruling Nicolás Maduro won the election, but he was accused of disturbing the votes. There was Khuan Goidō in front of Maduro in the polls, which became the leader of the opposition in parliament this month. Before that, no one knew him in world politics, but today he is telling himself the president.

Venezuela Political Crisis (Image Courtesy: CBN News)
Venezuela Political Crisis (Image Courtesy: CBN News)

After electoral results, Maduro refused to leave the chair, but Guido says that he has the constitutional right to become an interim president until the next election is held. Guido is the same person who had demonstrated against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during his studies. Chavez himself chose Maduro as his successor, who could not prove to be a charismatic leader like him. In the crisis that Venezuela is struggling today, there is a big deal of Maduro’s failed economic policies.

Will One Nations Problem Divide The Whole World

This situation may arise because the numbers of countries have made Venezuela a question of its edge. While pressure on Maduro to step down, American President Donald Trump is saying that Maduro’s government is unfair and he approves the President of the National Assembly, Khuan Goidō for the officially interim president of Venezuela. America is telling Maduro the ‘former president,’ and the Venezuelan army is asking to support Guido, who is still standing in Madura’s lap.

On such reactions, Maduro broke all relations with the United States. On 24 January Maduro asked the US ambassador to Venezuela to leave the country within 72 hours. At the same time, the ambassador has refused to say that Maduro has no right to order such order to him.

Venezuela Political Crisis (Image Courtesy: Zero Hedge)
Venezuela Political Crisis (Image Courtesy: Zero Hedge)

After accepting Guido’s President as President, many other countries also recognized him. Seven countries of South America – Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Paraguay have adopted Guido as the interim president. Canada is also touring Khuan Goidō, and the European Union is in favor of independent elections in Venezuela. Maduro, who is being isolated at the international level, is now a resident of Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Bolivia, and Cuba.

Why Such A Situation Has Happened In Venezuela?

Venezuela was once the wealthiest country in Latin America. The reason, it has more oil than Saudi Arabia. There are also gold and diamond mines, but the economy is entirely dependent on oil. Only 95% of the government’s income was from oil. In 1998, President Hugo Chavez made changes in the country’s system for a long time to remain in the chair.

In addition to government and political changes, Chavez governmentized the industries, attacked the private sector, wherever the money was low, took a lot of debt and gradually the country went into debt. Chavez became the Messiah by spending money from the oil companies with open funds, but the termite in Venezuela’s economy seemed to be a termite.

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