Where Does The Third World Stand Now?

Third world (Image Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Third World or ‘Third World’ is a popular phrase of the current international terminology. It was first used by French author EiffreD Soviet in an article in 1952. According to Soviet, ‘Third World’ is a group of unidentified and exploited countries which are often seen with disdain and who want to show up.

Third world (Image Courtesy: YouTube)
Third world (Image Courtesy: YouTube)

Indeed, the sign of Soviet was on the side of those African-Asian countries which had been under the rule of colonialism and imperialism for centuries and who now wanted to move from poverty and backwardness to modernity and prosperity. However, after the African-Asian Conference in Bandung in 1955, the use of this adjective began to take place, especially in some African-Asian countries influenced by China.

The meaning that is derived from ‘third world’ syllable today is quite different from the meaning of 1950. When the Cold War was at its peak, the ‘Third World’ was taken from the flock of those neutral or unrelated nations who were neither committed to Western power (the first world) nor committed to the Communist group (the other world).

There is no ideological unity in today’s so-called third world nations that can be addressed by any familiar concept. Today, these countries seem to be synonymous with ‘poverty’ and ‘backwardness.’ Hence the term ‘third world’ is used today for ‘developing countries’ or developed countries.’

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The Concept Of Third World:

In the last years of the sixth decade of the 20th century, Chinese leader Maoetsetong and his followers publicized the imagination of their ‘three worlds.’ According to this imagery, only two superpowers in the ‘First World’ are the United States and the Soviet Union.

The ‘other world’ is made up of those countries, which have military or broad alliances with these superpowers. Third World’ is a group of countries that produce raw materials, which were the colonies of large countries. Are too far away According to this definition, those newly born countries of Asia, Africa, and South America region only come in the periphery of ‘Third World’ who have been hunted for colonial exploitation for centuries.

The concept of the third world has been seen in two forms: The problems of these countries are the same (the ‘Package’ of problems that the whole Third World seems to face) and while voting on certain issues in the United Nations General Assembly, these The unity of the nations has been seen (The presenting unity of the United Nations bloc within the United Nations General Assembly during votes on Certain issues) especially about anti-colonial issues.

His works published in 1961 by Algerian writer Fentrez Fennon ‘Les. Damnes Delatorre also used the word ‘Third World’, whose English translation was released in 1965 with the title “The Wretched of the World.”

This was the time when new nations were emerging in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Fennon used the term ‘Third World’ to address these nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, struggling for slogan against the demand for independence and the demand for their independence and the nation that has been colonized for years from colonial exploitation and inconsistencies. Fenton gave the capitalist world the name ‘First World’ and ‘Communist World’ as ‘Second World.’

‘Third world’ is often defined in the perspective of ‘development.’ In this perspective, Irving Horowitz wrote a book entitled Three Worlds of Developments. They take Western Europe and America in the first world of development.

Conclusion: Where The Third World Stands Now?

Third world (Image Courtesy: YouTube)
Third world (Image Courtesy: YouTube)

After the separation of many nations from the Soviet Union and the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, American polity is increasing in the third world countries in a polar world system established. The World Bank is the American occupation of institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Union (WTO), so through these institutions, the United States is trying to establish economic control over the countries of the Third World.

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