Budget 2019: Hidden Clauses Of The Budget Announced

Budget 2019_politics_trickytruths

In the absence of finance minister Arun Jaitley, the concierge Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presented the last budget of the Modi government last week. Since this is an election year, this time it is not complete but the interim budget has been introduced. These budgets had the expectations from the Modi government’s budget. In this budget presented before the election, the Modi Government has given Master Stroke play. Farmers, women, salary classes, workers have all been given this budget.

What Is The Interim Budget?

According to the constitution, the central government proposes the budget for partial except for the financial year, in which it is decided to account for some months or even a few days. It is termed as an interim budget or a vote on account. It is also called a mini-budget.

There is a great contradiction between people when the interim budget is present. People are confused about why the interim budget is different and when it is present. In the election year the interim budget is presented, i.e., the interim budget is presented in the year if the Lok Sabha elections are held within the next six months. In 2019, Lok Sabha Election 2019 will be done. Which will only be accountable for the revenue till the new government is formed that is why it is being called an interim budget.

Budget 2019_politics_trickytruths
Courtesy: DNA India

Let’s Now Tell You What Class Got From This Budget, What Did You Get In The Pockets?

Farmers’ compensation to the farmers’ fund

In the interim budget, the Modi government first tried to cheer the farmers of the country, giving great relief to the farmers of the country. The budget of 75 thousand crores was announced by the Modi government in this budget. Under this scheme, the government has to add 6 thousand rupees every year to the small farmers, i.e., in the account of 2 hectares of landholders. This amount will be repaid in three installments of two-two thousand rupees. This scheme will benefit 12 crore farmers directly.

Annual Bonus Announcement for Workers

This interim budget of the Modi Government has also made a big announcement for the workers. In the budget, the Modi government has announced the annual bonus of 7 thousand rupees annually to those who work in the organized sector and earn 21 thousand rupees in the month. The workers of the same age group of more than 60 years will receive a pension of 3000 rupees every month from now. This scheme will benefit directly 10 crore workers directly.

Relief To Those Who Want Home

In the interim budget, the people who want to house the house, i.e., those who buy the house have also been announced to give relief to GST. TDS at house rent up to 2.40 lakh rupees has also been abolished.

Budget 2019_politics_trickytruths
courtesy: INC42

National Kamdhenu Yojana

Modi Government has announced the National Kamdhenu scheme for the budget of Rs. 750 crore while taking steps to promote cow farming. Simultaneously, the Government has announced a 2% discount in the loan for animal husbandry and fisheries.

Rural Women Development

The Modi government has given women and pregnant women to women in this interim budget. To provide clean fuel to the rural women, under the Ujjwala scheme, the target of 8 million LPG connections has been set out of which out of which six crore connections have been distributed, the Matrwandana scheme has been implemented for pregnant women, which also has the benefit of multiplying women.

Defense and Railway Sector

In this interim budget of the Modi Government, a budget of Rs 3 lakh crore was allocated for the defense sector. It is being told that this is the highest allocation in the defense sector so far. In the same interim budget, Indian Railways has been given a budget of 1.58 lakh crores, which will focus on modernization of railway.

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