How The Situation In Syria Will Change After The Return Of US-Led Alliance Forces

Situation In Syria

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompey has said that his country will work with his colleagues to “remove every stroke of Iran” from Syria.

Pompeo has also said that unless Iran and its fighters go out of the war, the US President Bashar al-Assad will not provide any help to rebuild the area under Al-Assad’s control.

The US Secretary of State criticized their Middle East policy without having named former President Barack Obama and said that their ‘assessment was completely false.’

Iran has reversed the statement of Pompeii. American Foreign Minister Pompey is currently on a tour of Egypt, and he has been talking about these things in Cairo.

About three weeks ago, American President Donald Trump had announced the decision to remove the American troops from Syria. The US supporters were surprised by the Trump decision. This judgment was also criticized.

America Leads in the Middle East

Trump and Pompeo
Trump and Pompeo

Pompeo is convinced to support allies who are frustrated after the announcement made by Trump. He said, “America will not go back till the struggle is complete, we will work with you to defeat the threatened ISIS (Islamic State Group), Al Qaeda and other jihadis for our security and our security.”

He said that ‘The strength of the US in the Middle East’ is to make good arrangements. Where the US comes from, the situation of Afrah becomes turbulent. ‘

Why Is Iran Mentioned In This?

Iran is supporting the Syrian government in the ongoing conflict in Syria. Russia is also a Syrian ally. Iran also provides troops to the Syrian government, besides military advisers, in addition to the soldiers.

The US remains apprehensive about the activities of Iran in the Middle East and sees it as a vulnerability to this region.

America has good relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia, while relations between these two countries are not good with Iran. Pompeyo said on Thursday, “We will not allow our campaign to weaken Iran’s bad influence and actions in this region and the world.” He said that US restrictions against Iran will be strictly enforced.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javed Zarif responded to Pompeii’s statement and said, “Wherever the US intervenes, there is a period of upheaval, repression, and anger.”

Why Is Barack Obama Criticized?

Pompeo did not take Obama’s name directly, but he repeatedly mentioned Obama’s speech that he gave in Cairo in 2009. In this speech, Obama talked about a new beginning for America and the Middle East.

Pompeo said, “Another American man standing in front of you in this city told you that the Islamic extremist did not grow up with ideology. He told you that the United States and the Muslim world need a fresh start. Assessments have had horrible results. “He also said, “When we required our colleagues, we could not show the guts to stand up.”

The Trump Administration has been criticizing Obama for the nuclear deal with Iran. The Trump administration has also been blaming Obama for adopting a soft stand against Islamist terrorism and not having a good relationship with Israel.

What Is America’s Approach Towards Syria?

Donald Trump on Syria Conflict
Donald Trump on Syria Conflict

The United States is supporting Turkey, Turkey, Arab Gulf countries and Jordan with some rebel groups.

According to reports, there are about two thousand US soldiers in Syria who are struggling with the Islamic State. In December of last year, American President Donald Trump had said that he was removing all the Syrian troops. The reason for this is that the IS has been ‘defeated.’

Later, Donald Trump had said that soldiers would be gradually removed. US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the decision to remove soldiers would depend on certain conditions. Many analysts assume that the United States policy of Syria is confusing to the ‘rogue’ and allied nations.

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