Latest Pulwama News: Top 10 Concerns of Pulwama Terrorist Attack 2019

New Delhi/Jammu & Kashmir: 40 soldiers of CRPF were killed in Pulwama terror attack on Thursday. While India is in shock and other countries are sending condolence messages to soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the unfortunate terror attack. Indian PM Narendra Modi asked for the urgent meeting with security forces to understand the situation and to take promised action against the terror attack in Pulwama.


Here are the Top 10 points for Pulwama Terrorist Attack

1. Suicide Bomber on Thursday Afternoon attacked convey of CRPF on the national highway from Jammu to Srinagar. There were 2500 soldiers when the attack took place. 40 soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack.
PC: The Economic Times
2. The suicide bomber was carrying 350 KG of explosive which makes attack worst due to the amount of explosive. The explosion was such a massive that could be heard from several KM away. Soldiers who were traveling along got severely injured.
3. Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) took the responsibility of Pulwama Terrorist Attack. A 22-year-old terrorist who joined the terrorist group lived just 10 KM far from the explosion point. His name is identified as Adil Ahmad Dar.

Pulawama Terror Attack 2019

4. The young terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar Joined the terrorist group last year. He rammed the Scorpio loaded with explosive in the CRPF convey. At the time of the attack, 78 vehicles were present in the Convey carrying 2500 CRPF soldiers. Injured moved to the nearest army hospital for treatment.
Pulawama Terror Attack 2019
PC: The Indian Express
5. The Scorpio must be waiting for the attack at the service road nearby highway. The moment conveys passing Scorpio hit the bus and blast took place. Other terrorist opened the fire on separate buses.
6. CRPF is claiming all SOP’s were followed, but still such attack happened which is questionable. How come the vehicle was not checked when it entered on the highway? If checked then how come such amount of explosive was not detected? Why Were Local people not stopped for traveling at the time of Convey?
7. Pakistan’s Silence on the Pulwama Attack: As usual Pakistan is not ready to accept or agreeing on the links of Pulwama attack’s mastermind. Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan said nothing is proved even after Jaish-e-Mohammad took the responsibility.

Pulawama Terrorist Attack 2019

8. USA, Russia, France, Srilanka, Bhutan and other countries condemned for the Pulwama attack.

9. Narendra Modi on Pulwama Attack: The Sacrifices of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain. 

10. Once again India warned Pakistan to stop terrorist activity and group on Pakistan’s soil. But Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “grave concern” and stated that “We strongly reject any insinuation by elements in the Indian government and media circles that seek to link the attack to the state of Pakistan without investigations.”

Now it India’s action on such a cowardly attack must come soon. And let such terrorist group understand the consequences of such actions. The Indian community is in deep sadness and stands together with the family of soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the nation.

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