Uber Offer Free Voice Call To Its Driver By Riders

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Nowadays, cab service is much more beneficial in our everyday life. We can book a cab sometimes and it will come to our door, and it will come to our door. The cab service is also helpful in saving time. Uber India has been providing cab services for a long time. Now the company has added some new features to its app.

Uber India Has Added A New Feature In The App, Free Calling Will Be Used By Riders

Due to the new features, the rider and driver will now be able to call each other freely. All this will be possible through the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Let us know; Uber launched this feature first in October last year. Now it has been rollout for all the users in India. This is quite beneficial.

Communication Will Be Easy

Due to the new features, Uber Riders will be able to make regular voice calls from cellular networks, i.e., they can also make a free call to the driver along with the internet. Uber has also added this feature to its driver partner. Because of this, the driver will also be able to call Rider free calls through the Over Internet Protocol.

Uber Offer Free Voice Call To Its Driver By Riders
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Talking about the new feature, the company said that through this, he wants to make the rider and driver communicable and after that, he will also be able to keep his private mobile number secure. New features will be added to the app on Saturday. Two options are being given to the user to call the driver with the new feature. One of which is there to make calls with the option VOIP system and the second system is used for a regular mobile network. Riders can choose the option according to their convenience.

The NLoad size is 5MB, while the size of the Uber app is 180MB. Due to the low volume, this app works well in low-speed connection and budget device too.

Some Additional Features: Pool Riding Option and Paytm Facilities

When Uber Lite was introduced in India, it was not granted with Paytm payment option, and pool riding options are not also available in the light app of Uber. Now, users can now use both of these features in the light version. It is clear that the Light app will also work like Uber’s Regular app.

Uber Offer Free Voice Call To Its Driver By Riders
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The point of concern is that the company has made this feature available only for Android smartphone users. It cannot be offered in the iOS device, because iOS devices are premium and they do not have any issues with storage and connectivity. These new features of Uber Lite will be advantageous in those places where there is a shortage of internet connection.

Upcoming Features of Uber

App Best Taxi Service Provider Company Uber (Uber) will soon be offering the services of flying taxis for its customers. Uber has joined hands with NASA. Under this agreement, two companies are working on the air taxi. The company has done this information at the Uber Elite Summit in Los Angeles. NASA on Monday said that at present the company would start testing such a cab soon.

These cabs that fly in the air will also include the delivery of goods with the help of drones. The company has said that this project has been started and work is going on. This service can be launched in the next two years. Its staff has to save time from traffic and create a carpool network, with the help of which people will be able to reach their destination in less time.

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